Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Labour shooting itself in the foot (again)

So yet another 'coup' against Gordon Brown appears to be underway. What is the point? This one was destined to fail, due in part that the ministerial careers of Patricia Hewitt and Geoff Hoon are over due to their own failings, and in part to the fact that nobody in the Labour Party really thinks this is the right time for such a ballot.

Lo and behold, the people that actually matter within this government have backed Brown. He's not an ideal leader, and he will most likely lead the party into an electoral defeat. It is my view that a hung parliament is the best that he, and indeed the rest of us that fear the effects of a Cameron government, can hope for. This latest challenge to his leadership, feeble as it was, only confirms the public's negative opinions of the party, and hinders Brown as he attempts to claw back at the Conservative Party's lead in the polls. Is it sabotage from Hewitt and Hoon? Perhaps, only they will know. It is certainly stupid. Regardless of differences of opinion and squabbles over leadership, now is the time for the party to shut up and give as good an account of itself as possible in the election. Otherwise, it is doomed, and who knows what damage a reactionary and inexperienced Tory government will do.

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